TWS – Staying Ahead of the Curve in Facility Services

How is TWS Facility Services offering the most innovative solutions in the industry? If you’re a property manager, this is a dream come true – read on!
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Spotlight on Service: Commercial Janitorial Services

Professional janitorial service by a commercial cleaning company means more than a quick spit and polish to keep dust bunnies at bay. A clean and organized interior has a major, positive impact on your property and business. How does TWS deliver outstanding janitorial service for commercial and retail properties?

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Strategy of Successful Property Managers

Top Considerations for Choosing a Facility Service Provider

What do other property managers look for in their facility maintenance service providers?  TWS Facility Services listened to successful property managers and discovered what they consider to be the most important factors for ensuring excellent service. Their criteria and strategy may help you when choosing your next facility service provider.
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