Maintenance Plan For Your Parking Lot in Fall and Winter Weather

Maintenance plan for your parking lot in fall and winter weather

A well-maintained asphalt parking lot can last decades, and you can avoid costly repairs with a good maintenance plan for your parking lot in fall and winter weather.

Regular maintenance for parking lots includes regular sweeping services, regular pressure washing and/or steam cleaning, coating, striping, and filling cracks. However, there are also seasonal considerations. Removing snow and ice and making sure water drains properly is extremely important to reducing wear on your parking lot.

Your Fall Parking Lot Check List

  1. Sweep up leaves regularly. The chemical composition of leaves can actually damage your parking lot’s surface. Leaves can also clog drains and create slipping hazards.
  2. Make sure there is proper drainage for any upcoming snow, rain, and/or ice melt so that you don’t end up with standing water. Standing water will erode surfaces and also present safety hazards. Fall is the time for inspections to prep for winter.
  3.  If your parking lot has a catch basin, then check the pipes and entry points to the basin to make sure they aren’t clogged
  4. Fall is a great time for crack filling and pothole repair. It prevents water from settling and penetrating the base, which will compromise your asphalt’s structure. A rubberized crack filler also allows for flexibility. This is important as asphalt can expand and contract in winter from freeze-thaw cycles.
  5. Only after filling cracks and potholes should you apply a seal. Seals can often be applied well into fall in some areas, although the best time is usually summer.
  6. To comply with ADA regulations, make sure you have proper line striping. Fresh line striping also makes sure visibility is good in the wintertime.
  7. Schedule regular sweeping and cleaning to remove debris and trash. This keeps your parking lot appealing and safer, as people won’t trip and slip over debris.
  8. Last but not least – talk with your facility services provider to create a winter maintenance plan. TWS is the facility services provider of choice for property managers who like to stay ahead of the curve. We’re here to help you prevent headaches with proper preventive maintenance. Feel free to contact us and ask about a maintenance plan for your parking lot in fall and winter weather.
Your Parking Lot Can Survive Rain & Snow!


  • Use sandbags in areas prone to flooding.
  • Add curbing and sloping to direct water to drains.
  • Keep gutters cleaned out.
  • Request water extraction services if needed.


  • Prepare asphalt and concrete before snow storms with anti-icing agents to prevent snow and ice from bonding to pavement.
  • Use chloride (salt) products minimally and responsibly, as they are not environmentally friendly.
  • Get rid of snow ASAP to prevent it from compacting with the asphalt.

Wondering about other areas of your property as the weather changes? Check out this article “Prepping Your Property For Fall”. Ready for better facility services? Then contact our team at 888-883-1915 or send us an email via our contact form.