• Day Porter Services

Whether your property is a shopping mall, office building, apartment complex, or another kind of commercial property, keeping it clean and in top-shape is vital. TWS has well-trained, uniformed and reliable day porters that can maintain your property's appearance according to your needs. TWS day porters can provide outdoor janitorial services, minor repairs, property checks, general maintenance, solutions to emergency situations and after hours communication and response.

Day Porter Services We Provide:

  • Cleaning window mullions and trash enclosures
  • Collecting trash from hardscape and landscape areas
  • Cleaning restrooms and sidewalks
  • Removing spills and stains from a variety of surfaces
  • Thoroughly cleaning conference rooms, lounge areas, and public spaces
  • Make note of needed repairs
  • Providing 24/7 response to emergencies

TWS porters are in constant contact with our corporate dispatchers known as property coordinators. Through innovative technology and highly skilled team members, we can quickly satisfy your service needs! TWS is the most reliable choice to maintain the professional appearance of your property.

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